Aruna College of Nursing offers all amenities under one roof: classrooms equipped with the latest technology, a fully-stocked nursing arts laboratory, a modern chemistry laboratory, a learning resource center, faculty rooms, quiet study areas, a student lounge, and a conference room. The facilities create a caring, comfortable atmosphere which is conducive the development of students and faculty.

We create an environment can enable you, the student, to make the transition from learning to pass a test to acquiring skills and knowledge which enable you to critically think about how best to care for your clients, their families, and the community at large.


The laboratories are the hub center of science teaching and experiential learning.it is here that the students team up to learn by doing;discover how various physical systems behave; and observe a variety of natural phenomenon thereby consolidating their understanding of abstract physical concepts.Special efforts ensure that the student gets an exposure to the best practices and becomes adept at handling laboratory techniques ranging from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

Transportation :

In addition the college owns a fleet of buses to ensure that our students and staff members are able to attend the college on time.

Library :

A Library is the lifeblood of an academic institution. Our institution encourages all staff members to make best use of the library that has been carefully built up since the inception of the college. The library is housed in a spacious area of 2000sq ft. with reference section, magazine section and stack area. Presently it stacks more than 3000 books and reference volumes for lending to faculty and students. The library subscribes to more than 25 specialized journals, over one third of them being international. Constant addition of titles and volumes in all fields of medicine a regular feature of the library. Every effort has been made to obtain all titles recommended by thev faculty.

Newspapers, weekly and fortnightly magazines of repute are subscribed to enable students to keep abreast of day-to-day trends.

Hostel :

A home away from home is provided for both boys and girls separately with the parental guidance, love and affection, which are attached with a mess. Recreation rooms provided television, newspapers, music systems and magazines.

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